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Terrie Diaz: The Supportive Force Behind Comedian Joey Diaz

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Terrie Diaz

While Joey Diaz is a name familiar in the realms of comedy and entertainment, his wife, Terrie Diaz, maintains a relatively low profile despite her connection to the limelight. Married to the Cuban-American comedian, actor, and podcast host, Terrie has managed to carve out her own space while supporting her husband’s public career. Terrie Diaz’s mother-in-law is named Denora Valdez, and her daughter is named Mercy Diaz.

Information Details
Name Terrie Ann Diaz (née Clark)
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 1970
Age 53 years (as of 2023)
Place of Birth Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Current Residence Englishtown, New Jersey, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Height 5’6″ (167 cm)
Weight 127 lbs (58 kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue-grey
Siblings 2
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Joey Diaz
Children 1
Profession Financial Advisor

Early Life and Background

Terrie Ann Diaz, née Clark, was born in February 1970 in Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up in a family with two siblings, Terrie moved through her early years with the typical experiences of an American child. Her athleticism shone through as she played basketball from the fifth grade, a pursuit that perhaps taught her resilience and teamwork—qualities she would rely on in her future endeavors.

Career Path

Terrie’s professional journey began after she left college in the 1990s. She initially worked in Memphis as a financial analyst for the region’s largest law firm, showcasing her knack for numbers and business acumen. Her evenings were spent working at BB King’s Blues Club, adding a slice of entertainment industry exposure to her resume. In 1995, she moved to Los Angeles, where she continued her stint with BB King’s Club before eventually working as a waitress at The Comedy Store. It was here that her life took a significant turn.

Joey and Terrie Diaz’s Love Story

In June 2000, Terrie’s life intersected with Joey Diaz at The Comedy Store, marking the beginning of their relationship. They started dating in July of that same year, moving quickly from colleagues to life partners. By November 25, 2009, they were married in a private ceremony, surrounded by close friends and family. The couple welcomed their daughter, Mercy Sofia Diaz, on January 8, 2013, expanding their family to three.

Life Beyond Public Eyes

Despite her association with a public figure, Terrie chooses to lead a life away from the spotlight. Her career transitioned to that of a financial advisor, a role in which she excels by merging her analytical skills with client management. Many people have described her as a strong and dedicated woman, especially highlighting her support during Joey’s past struggles with substance abuse.

Family and Current Life

Today, Terrie and Joey Diaz reside in Englishtown, New Jersey. As a family unit, they have navigated the complexities of public exposure while maintaining a stable and loving home environment. Terrie’s role as a mother to Mercy and her stepdaughter from Joey’s previous marriage underscores her nurturing and inclusive approach to family life.


While Terrie Diaz may not seek the spotlight, her impact behind the scenes is undeniable. Her journey from Nashville to New Jersey encapsulates a narrative of love, resilience, and quiet strength. As she continues to support her family and manage her career, Terrie remains a pivotal figure in the Diaz household, proving that support often comes in unassuming yet powerful forms.