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Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth: 4 Candy Ideas You Need To Try

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Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth: 4 Candy Ideas You Need To Try

In the kingdom of treats, candy is king. Widely varied, it offers you a variety of confections to satisfy the sweet tooth. But out of the numerous candies, there is one that almost always captures the fancy of candy lovers and the curiosity of ‘testers’—freeze-dry candy. But what is this type of candy?

Learn about it and more in our article below.

1. The Astronaut’s Delight: Freeze-Dried Ice Cream

“The Astronaut’s Delight” takes the rich, creamy taste and texture of ice cream and transforms it. It is light, airy, melts in the mouth but gives a crunch that yields a smooth sweetness. It is marketed as a candy, and goes by names such as freeze dried candy, freeze-dried ice cream, or “astronauts’ ice cream.”

This candy has become a novelty whose appeal, like its creation, has spread far and wide, and is enjoyed all over the world by young and old alike.

2. Berry Blast: Freeze-Dried Berries in Candy Form

Specially made for all those who are fans of the sharp, zesty flavor of berries; freeze-dried berry candies are a tangy combination of intensified tastes and are refreshing. These are natural in each aspect, with the original essence preserved in the forms when the different berries are sourced.

The candies come in all types of berries, for example, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. The drying process dries out the moisture, while the freezing makes the fruits crispy yet natural in their taste.

3. The Fizzy Fiesta: Carbonated Candy Cubes

Taking the idea from regular freeze dried candy, carbonated candy cubes is a bit more sophisticated and fun. It literally adds fizz!

Bubbles, like those found in soft drinks, are suspended in these candies, so when a piece hits your mouth, it goes “pop.” This type of candy combines the science of freeze-drying with the science of carbonation and you literally seal in those flavors while adding a lively fizz that turns each cube into a tiny celebration on your tongue.

4. Chocolate Heaven: Freeze-Dried Chocolate Treats

Freeze-dried chocolate—great news for chocolate lovers—somehow impossibly marries chocolate with candy. Whether it’s chunks of chocolate bars, chocolate-covered fruits, or even chocolate mousse bites, the freeze-drying process adds an intriguing touch to the smooth, velvety quality of chocolate.

Our take on chewy chocolate goodness means you get all of the classic taste of the chocolate flavors in a way that will be a must-have for chocoholics. Even if you are not a big chocolate lover, this treat is something that you definitely want to try, when seeking out new, unique taste experiences.


With freeze dried candy, time-tested experiences of feeding the sweet tooth goes in an entirely new direction. So, the next time you are looking for something to indulge in, just reach for a freeze-dried indulgence—whether it’s an Astronaut’s Delight, a berry blast, carbonated candy cubes, or a chocolate treat—and see for yourself what sweet magic is packed into every candy.