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Quirky Cakes Designs To Send Your Wishes For Sister Living In Hostel

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Quirky Cakes Designs To Send Your Wishes For Sister Living In Hostel

Sisters are the best gift from God to every brother who lives together, laughs together, and shares their ideas or views with honesty. It happens that your sisters are known to be a disturbing element in the house, but it is also true you cannot live without her at any moment. However, some are lucky that they live together, but some face distances due to education, training, or jobs.

Living apart from a house, such as a hostel or a lodge, might haunt her, and every occasion is missed by her. It might be because of study or professional work. A birthday is a special moment that no one can say no to celebrating. Moreover, this is useless without cakes. Similarly, if your sister is living in a hotel and you want to celebrate her birthday, then you must think of innovative cake designs so that she can be happy even while living far away from family.

If you are one of those who are searching for quirky cake designs to send your wishes to her, then let’s unveil the top-picked list. Here are the top 5 quirky cake designs to send wishes to your sister living in a hotel. It may be done easily by placing an order for cake online because you get a reliable and timely delivery with freshness and flavors.

1] Simple Cake

If you are searching for elegant but modest birthday cake designs for your sister, then you must consider them once. It is the latest design taken from the Korean design. You can add a message on the cake with your wish, such as ‘Happy Birthday, cute sis’, live long, or more on the top of the cake.

She will surely be overwhelmed with happiness, and a feeling of royalty will be inculcated in her mind. This is available in various flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and butterscotch. Whatever would be the taste of your sister, you will be presented with that only.

2] 18 Birthday Cake for Sister

Adolescence is the time when they want to live happily and freely, keeping away all disputes and aggravation. So, this is your younger sister’s birthday, and she has turned 18; she will surely be inspired to love the birthday greetings for you.

This amazing cake design is featured with a tall smoothie with mind-blowing butterscotch flavor. It is decorated with a pearl floating on the side of the cake. It will surely delight your sister to be overcome with tears that even living part away, my brother is taking care of me.

Also, a portrait of a teen girl represents your sister’s adventures till now. It gives a message that your sister is no longer a child but moving into the world of maturity.

3] Sandal Cake Design

Is your sister a great fan of wearing a variety of sandals? If so, then you must think of giving a sandal design cake. You can place an online cake order to surprise her with a unique dessert.

The cake features a sprinkling of beautiful color combinations. The bottom part is covered with a beautiful chocolate texture element. On the top of the cake, black high heels look stunning and aim to touch the glamour and glory. Your sister will love to see the surprise sent to you; With love.

4] Twin Sis Cake Design

If you have twin sisters and both of them are living in a hotel, you would be wondering how to celebrate both birthdays at a time.

Describing the cake, you will see the unique concepts of two halves’ hearts which are together coming close. You will see the combinations of two colors, whatever would be the choice. It is said that different colors represent the personality of your twin sis. Also, it is added with extra creativity, like flowers and birds, which look attractive.

5] Shopping Cake Design

If your sis is in a hotel, she might be busy enough that she cannot go shopping for a long day. As mischief or sake to remind those beautiful days of shopping portals, this unique shopping cake design looks amazing.

It states that your sister was born to shop, which states that it perfectly shows her love for shopping. You will find the cake is designed with many shopping bags, cosmetics items, heels, and more.


It is quite clear from these unique cake designs that you are even living apart from your sister; you can surprise her with love and affection. Your sister’s birthday is no longer boring as these cakes are elegant, playful, and more.

However, you have other unique cake designs like spa lady, 2-tier square cake designs, gorgeous cakes, Abstract cakes, and more.

There are all varieties of cake available on the online portal; you have to choose the best according to personality and celebration. So, come and give the best birthday wishes with these adorable cakes to your loving sisters.