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How to Remove Bermudagrass in Zoysia and St. Augustine Lawns

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How to Remove Bermudagrass in Zoysia and St. Augustine Lawns

Homeowners tending carefully cultivated Zoysia and St. Augustine lawns can quickly become frustrated when sighting invasive Bermudagrass. Known for spreading rapidly, this stubborn weed disrupts uniform southern turf.

Reclaiming pristine landscapes requires strategic “recognition and fusilade” selection and application for selective removal without harming surrounding greenery.

Recognition and fusilade herbicides containing fluazifop-p-butyl eliminate encroaching Bermudagrass through systemic absorption into roots and shoots. By applying these weed killers during peak summer growing seasons based on label guidance, lawn owners can safely restore their lawn uniformity. With vigilant post-treatment care, recognition, and fusilade herbicides reliably sustain lush Bermudagrass-free landscapes.

Understanding the Challenge

Bermudagrass quickly infests lawns through spider-like above and below-ground stems and seeds. Left unchecked, it overwhelms prized St. Augustine and Zoysia grasses, degrading lawn uniformity and health over time by hogging space, sunlight, and soil nutrients.

The Role of Selective Herbicides

Traditional broad-spectrum herbicides often prove unsafe for normally hardy southern grasses. However, specialized products called fusillades containing fluazifop-p-butyl as the active ingredient delivers targeted Bermudagrass control without endangering nearby turf. Systemic action ensures effectiveness.

Strategic Application for Best Results

To maximize the effectiveness of the herbicide, consider the following:

  1. Timing: Apply when Bermudagrass is actively growing, usually in late spring or early summer.
  2. Weather Conditions: Opt for a calm, dry day to prevent the herbicide from affecting nearby plants.
  3. Dosage and Coverage: Follow the recommended dosage and ensure even coverage for uniform results.
  4. Safety Measures: Use protective gear and adhere to safety guidelines to protect yourself and the environment.

Post-Treatment Lawn Care

After addressing the Bermudagrass issue, focus on nurturing your lawn back to health:

  • Watering Practices: Ensure consistent watering, particularly in the weeks following treatment.
  • Regular Mowing: Maintain a regular mowing schedule to encourage healthy growth and density.
  • Fertilization: Apply a balanced fertilizer to replenish nutrients and promote recovery.
  • Monitoring: Monitor your lawn for any signs of Bermudagrass reappearance.

Long-Term Maintenance for a Healthy Lawn

Maintaining a Bermudagrass-free lawn requires ongoing attention:

  • Soil Health: Periodically test the soil to maintain optimal pH and nutrient levels.
  • Overseeding: To discourage Bermudagrass growth, consider overseeding with Zoysia or St. Augustine grass.
  • Weed Prevention: Regularly inspect your lawn for early signs of weed invasion and take prompt action.


The journey of maintaining a perfectly manicured lawn has its challenges but is ultimately rewarding. Invasive Bermudagrass can disrupt the uniformity of ornate Zoysia and St. Augustine grasses, demanding prompt yet strategic action. By leveraging specialized recognition and fusillade herbicides containing fluazifop-p-butyl and applying them judiciously during optimal growing seasons, homeowners can safely eradicate encroaching Bermudagrass while protecting surrounding greenery.

Combined with attentive lawn care and vigilant maintenance against reinfestation, applying targeted recognition and fusillade weed control unlocks the full potential of your cultivated turf. Your lawn will flourish into a vibrant landscape showpiece, woven together seamlessly without traces of unruly Bermudagrass. Enjoy the fruits of your diligence, and let your lush lawn become the envy of the neighborhood.

The journey requires dedication, but mastery over precise recognition and fusilade removal techniques promises a healthy, uniform lawn thriving free of stubborn Bermudagrass.