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Home » How to Keep Your Augusta Home Pest-Free this Spring: 4 Tips from The Pros

How to Keep Your Augusta Home Pest-Free this Spring: 4 Tips from The Pros

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How to Keep Your Augusta Home Pest-Free this Spring

As the weather warms up in the spring, critters will look to crawl into your home. Unfortunately, rising temperatures invite pests, which can be hard to eliminate.

But you don’t have to let pests invade your home this coming spring and summer. With some prep work, you can keep your home pest-free and relax for the sunny season. We’ll discuss tips Augusta GA pest control experts share to help keep pest-free homes.

1: Seal Up Entry Points

The first thing you can do is seal up where pests like to sneak inside. Look for tiny gaps around pipes, vents, siding, and foundations. Any minor space is enough for a tiny ant or spider to squeeze into.

Use caulk or weather-stripping to patch them up so critters can’t march right in. Check doors and windows, too, especially in older homes with shrunken seals. Getting rid of pests keeps your home comfortable without unexpected guests this spring.

2: Remove Food and Water Sources

Pests come indoors looking for your chips and water. Deny them your snacks and drinks! Avoid leaving open food in cabinets, a dirty sink overnight, and pet bowls out for too long.

Empty the trash, wipe down counters, and stash away anything edible you’re not using. Outdoors, fix any leaky faucets or hoses, and remove pet bowls where bugs can get water. Any stagnant water is also an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.

A hungry and thirsty pest will keep looking for food elsewhere. In case you can’t remove the food and water sources, keep them as far from the house as you can.

3: Inspect and Organize Problem Areas

Notice any clutter collecting where it shouldn’t? Pests love mess. Do a sweep of pesky places like crawl spaces, attics, sheds, and under appliances, then tidy up. As you clean, vacuum hard-to-reach areas to eliminate pests and their eggs.

Seal boxes tightly and remove debris, damp materials, and other situations critters could find cozy. Cardboard boxes provide the perfect dark home for pests to crawl into. Avoid using cardboard boxes and opt for plastic bins. On the outdoors, trim landscaping away from your home and keep wood piles and equipment away.

Additionally, remove anything that can encourage pests near your entrances. That includes taking out the garbage on a regular basis. An organized home takes away hide-holes and encourages pests to vacate the premises.

4: Augusta GA Pest Control: Consider Professional Prevention

Incorporate pest prevention and cleaning routines with professional pest control for a comprehensive defence. Augusta GA pest control pros inspect for signs of insect activity and seals entry points you may have missed.

They also provide ongoing treatments of the perimeter and inside your home to control pests. Professional help is especially great if you’ve had issues before. The upside? You don’t have to be the bug terminator – let Augusta GA post control handle ongoing monitoring and treatments so you can enjoy your spring!

Bottom Line

With a little preparation now, your Augusta home can stay pest-free and comfortable in all warm weather. Don’t let unwanted intruders bug you – seal, clean, and inspect. More importantly, hire pros to deny pests entry and access to your home.