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A Dynamic Faceoff Between Cerner and Epic EMR Systems

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A Dynamic Faceoff Between Cerner and Epic EMR Systems

Optimize your practice’s productivity like never before by entering the world of innovative healthcare solutions. A world where intuitiveness meshes with the needs of patients and providers, transforming the care realm. There’s a pool of healthcare platforms catering to medical practices’ clinical, operational and financial needs. But, with their diversity comes complexity in decision-making, leaving clinicians perplexed. Fret not, as this guide will take you through the depths of two healthcare marvels, Epic EMR and Cerner EMR. We believe a side-by-side analysis will make you get a hold of their prime aims and centered approach easily, and that’s what we have covered in this guide. We will shed light on the unprecedented features, real-time user testimonials and detailed price structures of the two. So, let’s delve into the details with this impressive Epic EMR vs Cerner EMR analysis.

A Glance At Cerner and Epic EMR

Cerner is a globally recognized solution advancing care norms by featuring intuitive and intelligent tools. Streamlining care workflows and enhancing patient engagement are its prime elements of concern. It saves lives, putting its realistic clinical applications to work. Hands down, Cerner EMR is the best player in the healthcare spectrum.

Serving enterprises at its best, Epic is a leading EMR platform. It steals the limelight by offering an array of innovative specs like patient flow management, etc. Strengthening patient-physician bonds and simplifying care operations are the prime emphases of this avant-garde platform. Epic EMR is undoubtedly the best, ensuring endless scalability and customizability.

Cerner vs Epic EMR Features

Conducting a feature battle is imperative while conducting thorough comparisons. Without a one-on-one feature analysis, you cannot decide which software is more productive. It is imperative to make an informed decision. Feature analysis makes the EMR selection process a breeze. So, let’s have a detailed comparative analysis of Epic and Cerner EMR’s feature spectrum.

Epic EMR Features:

Let’s explore the salient specs of Epic EMR that add value to patient and provider experience.

  • Paperless billing with self-serves and online bill clearing option along with pre-build payment plans,
  • Payer gateway to handle finances at reduced administrative cost.
  • Real-time authorizations to dodge unwanted circumstances later.
  • Denial resolution to minimize the denial rate by timely scrubbing squeaky claims.
  • Charge optimization for authentic bill processing.
  • Identifying care gaps for enhanced care coordination to interlink care departments.
  • Population health analysis to drive potential outcomes with real-time data analysis
  • Claim-based analytics for identifying current trends in the medical industry.
  • Financial decision support
  • Patient flow management with enterprise visibility for effective patient tracking.
  • Referral management
  • Remote monitoring of patients in ICU and those suffering from chronic conditions at home.
  • Data management with a centralized dashboard to sort problems with a flick of fingers.
  • AI-supported decision-making to the point of care to tackle clinical complexities.
  • Cosmos is an integrated database of millions of de-identified patients.

Cerner EMR Features

Here lies an extensive list of impeccable services Cerner EMR offers to ensure clinical growth and prosperity.

  • Lights On Network is a data analysis service that provides enterprise-level data analytics.
  • Patient engagement tools to keep patients updated on their treatment progress.
  • Radiology solutions so providers can benefit from to-the-point radiology dose information and more.
  • The population health solution of this vendor helps manage the care outcomes by predicting the risks a patient is susceptible to.
  • Endless pharmacy integrations of Cerner EHR allow for effective outpatient drug utilization.
  • A dedicated research team is assigned to help practices invent productive treatment methods.
  • Laboratory clinical services are inclined towards assisting providers with molecular diagnostics.
  • Spans the continuum of care by improving the integrated care coordination capabilities.

Cerner EMR vs Epic EMR: A Quick Assessment

Evaluating reviews is the best way to analyze healthcare solutions. We will do the same for Cerner and Epic, exploring their reviews to present to you their plausible capabilities and considerable drawbacks.

Pros And Cons Of Cerner EMR

First, let’s have a look at the benefits and limitations of Cerner EMR.


  • Cerner offers an impressive dashboard that ensures smooth workflow.
  • Its flawless mobile version provides instant data access even on the go.
  • It is appreciated for its limitless customizability and resilience.
  • Cerner’s data analytics service leaves providers awe-struck.
  • The dictation tool of this software makes document processing a no-brainer


  • Some of its functionalities are hard to grasp.

Pros and Cons of Epic EMR

Now, let’s have a quick glance at the crux of Epic EMR reviews.


  • Epic makes no compromise on the quality of patient care services.
  • It manages bills like a piece of cake, securing better financial returns.
  • It boosts patient engagement and thus significantly impacts patient outcomes.
  • The system enables practitioners to bid farewell to excessive clicks.
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface and is smoothly navigable.


  • It overwhelms clinicians with its never-ending feature range.

Cerner VS Epic EMR: Comparing Costs

Next in this analytic guide comes the price analysis of Cerner and Epic software. We will delve into their price structure to undermine whether they are worth your dime. When choosing EMR solutions, the prime motto of clinicians is always looking for a healthcare solution that offers the best bang for their buck. Let’s see which of these vendors offers cost-effective bundles.

Cerner Pricing:

The cost tag of Cerner EMR represents affordability with its low-cost services. It charges no start-up costs and is free of hidden costs. As per our assessment, this industry-leading EHR offers an all-inclusive plan that comprises all the features physicians need, even in the long run.

Even though the EMR hasn’t made its pricing structure public, current users state that the price range of Cerner starts from $25 per month per provider. Get the current pricing details by reaching out to the sales team of this tech-intensive clinical platform.

Epic EMR Pricing:

Typically, one would say that Epic is a costly EMR. But from an enterprise perspective, that’s not the case. Considering its level of intuitiveness and flexibility, Epic charges rightly as it is purpose-built to serve enterprise care organizations like hospitals.

However, it is undoubtedly not a solution for small-scale practices as its price range starts from $1200 per year. There’s no word around as to whether Epic charges monthly or annually. As the vendor has not officially revealed its pricing plans, you should contact its sales team for a precise price estimate.

Conclusive Remarks

Let’s put an end to this exclusive rundown of Epic vs Cerner EMR by highlighting the keystrokes. With its tech-savvy marvels, Epic best serves enterprise-grade care maestros, whereas featuring noteworthy research tools, Cerner supports clinical research centers. Both offer unparalleled specs to the table, meeting the personalized needs of clinicians in their own way.

However, the answer to which software will serve you best lies within your organizational needs and feature requirements. Analyzing their demo tutorials, you can paint a clear picture of both these robust platforms. It will be like going on a test drive to discover your optimal pick. Schedule a demo tutorial and name a pick.

Success awaits you!